Monday, October 25, 2010

itty bitty & his spider

The other day we were decorating for Halloween and I snapped some pictures of Mason with his favorite piece of decor - the hairy spider. As I was going through them, uploading and weeding out all the bloopers I felt nostalgic. It was like deja vu. I kept thinking I don't know where or when, but I know I've seen this picture.

I shuffled through my memory files in my brain and couldn't pull out the file I was dreaming of. I blew it off maybe I'm crazy. Then a few days later I was browsing old pictures on my laptop, being nostalgic again. Ah ha! I might be crazy but I'm not that crazy.

Ok, so it's not exactly the same picture. But these are both mister Mase (duh, right?) with his furry friend this year AND here he is with his furry (not so much friend) on his very first Halloween. I mean seriously is this even the same kid? It's hard to believe it, but it is. I mean look at those thighs and those round, rosy little cheeks, even his pissed off grimace is adorable. Three whole years later he still has those rosy cheeks and soft skin. And as the photographs will prove, he is much more enthusiastic about Halloween this year. It's also hard to fathom that this will be his FOURTH Halloween. I'm really bad at math and yes, he's not four, but this Sunday we will be celebrating #4, promise.

Just a little blast from the past of the itsy bitsy (er, once upon an itty bitty) spider.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This year at school Mason's started to learn more alphabet recognition, uppercase versus lowercase letters, a little spelling and he has even begun to write letters. I don't know if I was just confused but I swore we wouldn't be writing until kindergarten. Needless to say we're all really excited about it! Mason is captivated with writing and drinks up all the instruction like a little sponge.

The other night he laid sprawled on the living room rug with Michael and wrote all the letters he could get Michael to show him. At first I thought it was bedtime trickery since it was pushing 8:00 PM. But he genuinely asked for "more letters pwease" over and over and over. Until we reached "k" and then we had to force him to bed.

He's practically mastered his name, although we swear were were not trying to be unique, creative or new-aged by spelling Mason with a "z", that's his own tasteful artistic touch on his masterpiece. Trust me, I realize the immense level of my biases for how awesome I truly believe my kids are, but how kick ass is his writing for THREE YEARS OLD? Brag over.

We are learning, writing, and full of curiosity. As bittersweet as each milestone seems to be, I love watching him continue to push the limits of his potential and grow (even if it's faster than I approve of). Go Mase man go!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

paint, pumpkins, it's fall, oh my!

It's October, so basically this is as close to Fall as it's going to get here. Best way to celebrate with a a toddler and preschooler? Why, painting pumpkins of course. We made a swing by the grocery store and inspected numerous pumpkins until we finally chose three perfectly robust, deep orange pumpkins. You know because painting pumpkins is so fun I wasn't about to miss out on that activity.

Mason could hardly wait to get home I swear he tried to bust open the paint in the car. Against all odds and my fabulous luck he failed his mission. I am fairly certain I heard "is it time to paint pun'kins yet, dis is taking sooo wong" about fifty six times in a fifteen minute drive home. Alas, we pulled in the driveway and raced inside to begin pumpkin (or pun'kin) masterpieces!

I carefully poured little runny puddles of colorful paint on to a paper plate, gathered lots of brushes, cups of water, and Mason's secret "snack" he somehow snuck in to the grocery cart to our backyard. It was time to get festive. So we did.

Max took right to the paint. He loved it - on his belly and hands and even as dessert. Max's recklessness was not appealing to Mason, the world's most easily stressed three year old. He was panicking...Max was making a mess, he was mixing all the colors, oh heavens no who does THAT? I don't know what I was dreaming of when I only set up one color palette for painting. I should have known better. These are my kids after all, I should wise up.

Mason excitedly spotted his mystery snack. In the cutest little voice ever he asked, "You got dat for me mommy? You are teh best mommy ever, I wuv you". I guess he meant you didn't realize I'd snuck a COKE in our basket while Max was screaming and throwing everything off the racks of every aisle we attempted to go down? You won Mase, you snuck it past me, but don't think it'll be that easy with the booze in thirteen years buddy. He won indeed. Sipped it right down with a festive ORANGE straw.

After the old fashioned coke was demolished, a spurt of energy appeared. Enthusiasm rekindled and painting ensued. Mason took a lot of time and worked hard, painting his tiny little pumpkin for nearly thirty minutes. I ended up having to force him to stop because between all the mixing of colors his pumpkin was starting to look rotten - well, a rotten masterpiece I mean.

The mosquitoes were in full force taking no prisoners and not quite taking the hint that it's FALL, or that were pretending it is. Lastly, Max had ingested more paint that was on all three of our pumpkins and I know, I know it's non-toxic, but the thoughts of what color diaper I was going to end up with tomorrow at 9:00 AM were more than enough to go ahead and end our lovely activity.

We are already painting pumpkins - so c'mon Fall, do your damn thing already.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

shining through.

Personality is the first trait that I envision when I find out another baby is joining our family, but often the last to surface. Admittingly I spend many months wondering "who will this little muffin look like?" Yet upon meeting, you instantly get to see who's nose they got, what color hair and eyes they ended up with and if they unfortunately got stuck with your fat feet or not. But personality stays at bay months on end. You often get a tiny glimpse in to their personality the whole first year, between the frequency of smiles versus tantrums.

Max your personality is finally shining through in big ways. It's been long awaited since I first met you and saw your deep, dark eyes and your chubby little feet (sorry about those by the way, it's all mama's doing). You looked so different than I pictured you, so far from what I imagined, you were even better. Suddenly, I knew the same would go for your personality. And I was right - it's better than I could have ever dreamt. Through hopes and dreams and high anticipation you beat all the expectations I ever conceived.

I could write you a letter telling you all of your accomplishments and which milestones your hitting, but that is so routine. We know you love bananas and clapping and balls and can "woof". We know you hate your carseat and bathtime. But I want to let you know the joy of your disposition.

You are a boy's boy. You walk outside and the minute the air touches your face, you light up. Dirt, sticks, splashing in water and skinning your knees all take precendence over being read and sang to. You shine brightest when outside. Even if your shorts get damp or your hands are stained with mud you never whimper, not even a whisper of discontent. Anger and sadness are not your forte. Deep belly laughing and remaining easy going despite any obstacles are your specialities. Your nature is what makes you so special to me, because you are like no one else I know. You are unique in this way that I can't fully grasp because it is so far from me that sometmies I question how I could essentially create someone as exceptional, extraordinary and remarkable as you.

You are a smiler and your smile is full of teeth and emotion. You love so deeply, so affectionately, so openly. You hug with the strength of multiple grown men, possessing so much strength in such a small being. See, size really doesn't matter. You are this tiny little guy with undiluted, simple and pure, joy for everything, each and every moment of your day you shine. Your smile shines like your personality - blazing vividly, a lustrous beam, a radiant sheen.

You my dear assuredly have incredible potential, with character like yours the world is at your fingertips. You love unconditionally, smile from your heart, you warm a room immediately when you laugh, you make everyday better. You are so unique and I love you so much - every bit of you that is so foreign from me. This personality you've got is starting to shine and baby boy, somethings telling me that your little light is pronounced and bold; your little light will never burn out.

Keep shining sweet Max in all that you do and all that you are.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

we've got the blues!

The baby BOY blues. We snuck out for an elective 3d/4d ultrasound to get a peek at love nugget's gender. Surprise (or not so much) it's another boy. I told myself I wouldn't be surprised if we found out it was a third boy, because it makes sense that it would be another boy and not a girl if you think about it. I'm not sure how reproductive odds really work, but they are a little skewed from 50/50 in my case. Clearly.

Nuggey had something to share. Lo and behold, here he showed us that mommy's intuition...sucked. All the morning sickness and other wives tales that indicated girl were way off. Nuggey showing us his trickster side already.

We are all so excited. Actually Max has no clue what's going on, I don't think he will ever know what hit him come March. And actually Mason was a little bummed. I told him that our new baby was a boy baby, in my most excited, convincing voice. He looked at me genuinely confused and told me that "Maybe we could send it back. Because that's too much boy babies". Ummm, maybe. If the stork wants to send us his exchange policy Mase. So I guess Michael and I were the excited ones. These brothers of nuggey's will come around. One day they'll be so thankful there is no teenage girl residing in their house to contend with.

So there you have it. Final score boys- 3, girls- 0. I'm outnumbered, again. I was officially outnumbered when we found out Max was a boy, so this puts us to the point of no return! Three little munchkins, three little boys, three little MEN. I don't know what concept is harder to grasp - another baby or another boy!

I can't wait to meet you, nuggey and smell your sweet newborn head and kiss your soft little hands and snuggle you at all hours of the night. The newest baby boy and I think you'll fit right in. See you soon nuggey. In the meantime, enjoy all the calories I'm sending your way.