Monday, August 22, 2011

back to school.

It's that time of year.

The end of August brings routine. The familiarity of backpacks, lunchboxes,

We are back to school.

Mason is Pre - K this year. He is SUPER EXCITED. His friends from the Old 3's class have pretty much all returned to his class. His teachers are sweeter then pie. We're all really excited to be back on a schedule. A familiar, daily schedule that keeps us all a little more sane.


After dropping Mason off today, Max and I got to hang. He's going to school too, but his schedule will just be two days a week. So lucky for him, he's got time with mama alone (well, you know AQ is our sidekick as well). Most common phrase of the day: "Bruber at SCHOOOOOO" - to basically, anyone with an ear. Yes Max, your brother is at school.   

(Of course, he wanted HIS picture too!)

So excited to watch our big guy foster his love of reading, writing, and learning. We can't wait to see you explore your world more and more this year Mason! We hope you're school year is full of fun.

I wanted to share this little letter I wrote to you for your first day. I know it's just preschool. Really, I do. But preschool is kind of a big deal. It's the beginning of your whole education - it's going to form the mold of who you are.

As you venture back to school I want you to remember some important things. Not just to wash your hands or be careful on the playground. Those things are important too. I want you to remember more than that. More than picking up your trash after art class, more then raising your hand. More than sitting still and following directions. I want you to remember what is really important about school. I know, you're always having to follow my rules and listen to my words. I know it can be really tough, being so little and having to remember so much. But listen closely, I want you to know this. To take it to heart. I mean it from the bottom of my mama heart.

Remember to be curious. Remember to read as many books as you can. Always listen to your teachers. Don't be afraid to ask questions, to stand up to bullies, to make friends with people who look or act different then you. Remember that school is your only job. Remember that school should be challenging, but also enjoyed. Savor nap time. Use your imagination. When you feel silly, laugh. Hug your friends, be respectful, don't forget to say please & thank you. If you forget everything else, please remember to try your hardest. Please remember that we are thinking of you every minute of the day that you aren't with us, hoping and praying you are relishing these moments and thriving.


Oh - and Max's first day was supposed to be tomorrow. But that one. Oh that one. The little nugget indeed isn't  feeling well. Pulling a Ferris Bueller already. Bueller.....bueller....? Here's to a healthy (after this week??) and happy school year for both my big, but still tiny boys!

So long, sweet summer.

I love summertime. The days are full of fun, with nothing that has to be done. Well, except swimming. That is the solitary rule of summer - WE HAVE TO SWIM.

Summer is the best because...

Cousins become like siblings.

The beach becomes the playground.

A night swim replaces bath time.

We eat ice cream nearly every week.

Your only chore is to wash your bike. And maybe, your babies.

Story time is under a tent. Even if it's just a sheet tent.

The most worn article of your wardrobe is a first place tie between swim trunks & life vests. Which obviously means, you've spent a ton of time at the lake.

Summer is the best because.. can stay in jammies until noon. At any given moment you can plop down for a nice afternoon nap on the couch.

Or you might just be jumping off a cliff. See, summer is that awesome.

..the smell of sunscreen babies fills the air...there is no greater smell then BABY mixed with SUNSCREEN.

..there are no backpacks or lunchboxes to be packed. Just movies to be watched and brothers to be snuggled. become a food group, along with sno-cones, and other iced cocktail and beverage delicacies.

..sunshine is intoxicating


We love summer so much in this house. The late nights, the lazy days, the busy days, the swimming and splashing, the sunscreen-ing, the skipped baths, the lax schedules and lack of routine. So sadly we long summer. We will excitingly anticipate your arrival next year.

Summer is the best because, I SAID SO.

So long, summer. Thanks for all the memories you helped us make. You were really sweet.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Easter. In July.

As I was browsing old camera cards, I stumbled upon Easter pictures. That's right EASTER. I know, I know, it's July. I guess that just goes to show how chaotic my life was this past Easter. You know with adjusting to a new baby and having to keep two other children alive, fed, and bathed (okay, so we missed a lot of baths that month too).

This Easter was extra special, because it was our first holiday as a family of FIVE. Well, besides St. Patrick's' Day. Who celebrates that anyway? Plus it wasn't like I was being served any delicious green beer in the Labor & Delivery Unit, so we'll stick with Easter as the first holiday. Party of five, bunny style.

(So maybe a great picture of all of us isn't gonna happen this year. Or maybe ever.)

A family tradition on Easter is fried chicken. I have absolutely no idea when or how it started, but it is what it is. This year was no different. Except for the mounds of sushi. It's a new tradition. But fear not - fried chicken was still there. (I mean seriously is that enough soy sauce or WHAT?)

Picture recap - better late then never right? Right.

As you can see we ate chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. I thought Valentine's was going to be a holiday topper for Max with all the candy that comes with it. I somehow forgot or never realized that Easter has even more chocolate then Valentine's days.


Those kids were some sweet, sticky messes after Easter. You better believe they got their baths that night. I *think*. Yeah, you're right, they probably didn't. But no one complained.

Mason did his best to find EVERY golden egg at EVERY egg hunt he participated in. He was so stoked. (Disclaimer: he was the oldest kid participating in this said egg hunt....but hey, he still found it!)


Mason got a beloved Slinky Dog - he was so excited that the crazy huge bunny he saw at the mall "read his dreams" and remembered this slinky dog.  A slinky dog and chocolate for breakfast. OH YES, YES,  AND CROCS. *insert happy dance* Forget Easter people, it was like Christmas over here.

As all holidays are with the munchkins, it was a busy day full of chaos and fun. Hopefully next Easter I'll remember to blog it sooner, unless of course, I'm busy cleaning sweet, sticky Peep fingers and snuggling chubby cheeks covered in melted chocolate that is. Priorities and all, you know?

Happy Easter. In JULY. (And now it's already August, whoops!)