Thursday, November 26, 2009

sealed the deal.

a year ago we heard that beautiful bomp bomp bomp bomp. that's right, we heard your heartbeat for the first time ever max. look at your as a little gummy bear and now you're already 5 months old! i guess the old adage is true; time flies when your having fun.
a year later. smiling. laughing. teething like crazy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


with thanksgiving around the corner, as in tomorrow, this post is filled with thanks. i've got so much to be thankful for. first off the obvious; my family, my health, my family's health, and my home. i'm also thankful for the opportunities i've been given to travel and further my education this year. i feel so lucky and so blessed for everything i've been given, but rarely verbalize my thankfulness. so today a whole post is dedicated to thanking my blessing.

i'm thankful for ten tiny fingers and ten baby toes. soft, sweet and perfect.
wait, make that twenty. double thanks.

i'm thankful for sleepy morning eyes and cheesy smiles. because even if we don't get to sleep all night or sleep in past 7, we have warm beds to sleep in.

i'm thankful for him. oh so thankful; a best friend and a lifelong love all in one.
thank you.i'm thankful for friends.

and family. for laughter. for fun and trust, for warming hugs, for a late night movie you know will make you cry or an early morning pedicure.

thankful for sisters.

i'm thankful for little (silly) things too. like wine. and big boy undies.

i'm thankful that the reason i'm so tired is because of them.
i rarely count my blessings. but it's obvious they are abundant.
i'm thankful.

mark your calendars.

because this day is going down in history. okay what's all my excitement about? five months later i made it to the grocery store with not one, but both boys. i know small feat or is it? for me it was like a space launch. nasa was alerted and so was the local media. i am supermom people. ha ha ha. okay so really, we did go and max protested his carrier within the first 15 minutes after i'd already knocked down a display or apple crisp boxes while mason begged for coke, juice or just one toy. spoiled much? we got about 1/3 of our list, but luckily all our ingredients for dinner! how that worked out i'm still not sure. i swear i have five heads or a crazy facial rash or people just think i'm beautiful (kidding..) because man we get some funky looks. i want to wear a shirt or sign or maybe i need both (for the dual enforcement) that says (and i repeat) PEOPLE HAVE TWO CHILDREN. THESE SAID PEOPLE STILL HAVE TO GROCERY SHOP. AND HEY, GROCERY STORES AREN'T FUN. STOP STARING, MY TWO YEAR OLD WHINES, AND WHAT!?
i'm not bitter or anything. i survived what more could i ask for? how bout some damn apple crisp?

Monday, November 23, 2009


dearest cinnamon dolce latte,

thank you for getting me through monday gracefully. my laundry pile is now a fourth less tall, it looks like a small slope instead of mt. everest. my suitcase has been moved inside but is still laying in front of the door. whoops. but you were ever delicious and enabled me to get to the park, ok ok, the front yard with mason on this pretty day. thank you again for my semi boundless energy on this monday. i love you starbucks.
love always,

frazzled mommy of 2.

ps. whoever made this label, does not have a two year old.

Friday, November 20, 2009


who doesn't love a little photo comparison of their kiddos? i'm a sucker for pictures and i love comparing them and staging matching outfit pictures.

5.5 months-mason.
5 months- max.apparently max wasn't digging his avocado lunch either. maybe he is his father's baby after all. they do share the same gorgeous pouty bottom lip. oh and those ears are crazy familiar.

when max was a day old i swore he was mason's carbon copy. their little faces were identical, even up to about two weeks they looked so similar it was freakish that they were conceived nearly 2 years apart. they could've been twins. but now max is growing in to his own look, maybe not a mini mason but what a cutie pie of his own!

Monday, November 16, 2009


well i did it. i finished my first half marathon. what a rush! it was SO fun. i finished in 2:15:36, so about steady 10 minute miles. i was shooting for under 2:30 so i can't complain. i even snuck a potty stop in with that time. i can't wait to make it yearly tradition. i've even got daddy m on board to run one in austin in february. it's on valentine's day and going to be a blast. i hope we stick to our goal.

marathon medals=thumbs up!
this morning i literally needed help out of bed. if i could've taken a day off from my job i would've but pancakes needed serving and formula needed pouring, oh and babies needed loving duh. my legs will forgive me, someday.
13.1 babyyyy!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

vegas bound.

that's right i'm taking my hubby to vegas for our wedding anniversary, which was in august, but orbitz thought november was more special. so said it's specials packages link. whatever vegas is like a wedding on crack ANY time of the year. i'm excited. like so excited i can't sleep. it's a good thing i leave in a few hours and probably won't sleep until i get back. i should've arranged for childcare AFTER the trip, not during. maybe both? hmmm. dilemma.

last year in vegas, just cuz.the view from our planet hollywood room last year. we got spoiled. vegas round 1 might be hard to top, but i think we'll manage just fine.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

toes for dinner.

that's what we're doing these days. eating our toes and any object that comes within reach. watch out people, faces are fair game.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

those halloween pics.

finally, huh? sorry we've had a said case of the h1n1 flu. my poor two year old lost all of his spunk and actually relaxed but sadly not by choice it was all out of lethargy! whatever it's only a week later. anyway enough enough. here's the trick or treat pics!

numero uno m with mama and daddy. just like ole times.
disclaimer: we didn't purposefully leave max out, he chose sleep over his loved ones, so maybe he didn't just inherit my cheeks ;)

ooh the anticipation.better yet, the jerks who turn their lights off before its even dark and don't get ANY candy. c'mon ppl go to valero and buy some tic tacs atleast. ok, maybe not but seriously it's halloween they start putting out decorations at target months in advance, allegedly.

adjusting his costume to perfection. what a people pleaser.
trick or treating is hard work.and maybe we're out of shape.

i hope your halloween was fun. ours was perfect. even mama and daddy got a night out and of course we dressed up. duh, who doesn't get in to halloween when they grow up? wait, that's not normal? pshhh.that's right, daddy m spray painted his hair gold. all for mama!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

trick or treat.

well mason's first real trick or treating was a success. semi success. we went to ita's, had chili, hot dogs, and lots of yummy snacks. mase loved going door to door and being greeted with candy. what kid wouldn't? it was so funny as soon as someone would hand mase a piece of candy he'd say "o-tay next house". no thank you, no yay, just moving along people...he had his eye on the prize! the candy prize. correction, candies not candy. after about 10 or 12 houses the pumpkin bag was full and too heavy for mason so we headed home. mr. max slept thru it all. he didn't even get to put on his costume. what a halloween grinch! next year he better stay up for the fun!! because it was a lot of fun.

i'll post halloween pics later when i have 100 hours to upload, because apparently that is blogger's prerogative; taking ages to upload pics. rar.