Thursday, January 27, 2011

before there were two.

Our family is about to add a new member and I'm starting to get a little anxious on how it's going to affect the boys. Deep down I know they'll both adjust, love their new baby brother, and things will go fairly smoothly. If they don't I know that the boys will likely never remember this transition down the road. Yet, I find myself thinking about it a lot, more and more the closer we get to the impending birth. And yet, we still have a full month and a half before our new little guy even gets here. It's hard to believe that I'll have three little guys. Three. Before there were three there were just two. But before there were two, there was just one.


I remember this anxiety and the unknown. Before Max's birth, I was unsure of how Mason would adapt. Truthfully, I was a little unsure that I could adapt. Wary that I could take on the task of raising two children while loving them both with all my heart. And really until you have two children it's impossible to believe - it's exactly like explaining to an expectant mother how much she really will love her child the minute their slippery little self is laid in her arms. The minute his or her eyes try to open and glare up at you. But you do, you just do. But explaining it and believing it before it happens is like listening to someone swear to you they've seen Big Foot. Right, that's gonna happen. So while I know the minute he arrives, my heart will grow a little bigger, and love will fill the room, I'm still wary and still feeling a little guilty. And then you keep reminding yourself about the one you do have. Or the two. Because before you add more, there are still the other two. The two you love so unbelievably much.

The transition from one to two was kind of earth shattering. At first. Looking back it seems so silly and dramatic, but it was an adjustment that is for sure. I kept thinking how much easier it was to run to the grocery store, to go to a pee. Alone. And I was right it was easier. Just like I'm sure two will be easier than three. But before there were two, when there was just one, the love was there, oh yes, let me tell you it was. But it's grown. Two - fold.

So in the meantime I'm trying to soak up everyday with just the two of them. Knowing that in a few more weeks there will be three. Three of them. It frightens me, excites me. And often baffles me. Three. Two. There used to be just one. And oh, what a special one he is.

Everything about him is special. Before there was one I wouldn't have believed the love I could have for someone I'd never met. Someone I'd only known a brief minute would totally win me over, forever.

But he is just as special. His smile and his soft little hands are especially special. He wasn't the first, but that doesn't make him any less mine. He is all mine. And I love him entirely, with every beat of my heart. So much. In fact before there were two I would've laughed if you told me how special he would be, just as special, though different from his brother.

And before there were two, I wouldn't have believed it was possible to love another baby as much as I loved my first. Before there was two I'd think you were crazy. But I was the one who was crazy. Crazy wrong. Crazy in love with not just one, but two, and soon there will be three. Three to snuggle, three to worry about day in and day out. Three noses to wipe, three foreheads to kiss goodnight, three little belly's to tickle. Three, and they are all mine.

And I know he will be as special as the other two. He might not be the first, but he will be my last and that makes him especially special.


Mason started basketball this winter. He absolutely loves it. He was quite hesitant with soccer so I'm glad he loved this so much.

The long shorts and fancy baller shoes are just too much. It's so hilarious and precious to watch. Especially the big grin on his face when he scores. He made two baskets his very first games, was incredibly proud of it and we celebrated with ice cream at 10:30 that morning. Hey, it's NEVER too early for some frozen custard smothered in sprinkles. At least when your three and a half.

He dribbled. He ran his little heart out. And he laughed the entire hour. He's had about four games now and his team is pretty good. I think his team is the only one of the entire league that's stacked with ALL boys. Most teams we've played have a little girl or two or three, but not his. It makes for an interesting dynamic and they all pal around.

So even though he's kind of short - it looks like so far basketball may be his sport. Watch out Shaq. Ok - I realize I'm being ridiculous and that he isn't even four (YET) and this is only his second sport he's EVER tried. But I'm biased and he rocked the court people.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

baby update.

Time keeps passing by. Slow some weeks. So fast it's all a blur the next. We have just about eight weeks to go until baby 3's due date. I can taste March it is so close, but yet, so far. It's funny how it seems to drag the last few weeks of every pergnancy. I should stop complaining though I've had it easy and to think i only have eight full weeks to go (at the most) is awesome. I'm getting a little anxious to meet my newest boy and kiss his already plump cheeks.

We had our last sneak peek at our little man today. The sonogram was awesome - aren't they all? He flashed us a smile a few times. A smile that melts hearts people. Baby is no fool he knows how to woo his mama. He looked kind of bald, but our technician promised us he had some lashes on his that were killer. Just like his big brothers it seems!

He appeared to be quite the chunk. We didn't get any weight estimates but his cheeks are full and he is squished as can be. I hope that means he'll move out sooner than he's supposed to. The first week of March is free and okay with me. Hahaha, I know I know I get no say in the birthday. Unless he's late, then I will take matters in to my own hands. I hope you're listening nugget.

I'm pretty sure I've run completely out of room to grow, except that I know that's not true because I have a full month and a half left. But it feels impossible and everyday I make it I will continue to be in shock that we are both STILL GROWING.

Like I said, all in all, were doing good. So grow big and strong nugget. We're ready when you are! (Okay, so that might be a lie, we've done nothing to prepare...).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a magical morning

Christmas is long gone. Well it's really only been two weeks, but our tree is packed away, next to our four stockings. There is no trace left of the holidays. The house has a feeling just like January. Just like when you drive through Starbucks and they are no longer offering delicious latte flavors and are suddenly handing you the original green cup, instead of the festive red. Brand new. Bare. Starting over.

We prepared with many rolls of gift wrapping, tape and a few bows. We baked cookies for Santa and left reindeer food in our backyard. Sprinkled a little oatmeal, sequin dust to help Rudolph and his gang find their way to our house. I think the reindeer food was Mason's favorite part.

But Christmas this year was a magical morning. Two little men, four tiny feet, tip toed in excitement in to our living room. Anxious to see what Santa had left behind. Cookie crumbs, an empty glass of milk, and lots of goodies indeed.

Mason was infinitely more calm than I expected upon arriving in front of the gift filled tree. He inspected the crumbs Santa left and quickly questioned why and better yet, how he had moved our coffee table. His first words were "wait a minute...". So, he's not even four years old yet and he's already a cynic. Maybe this whole magical gig won't last long.

The minute Max woke up (or was woken up), Mason started to get a little more enthusiastic. He knew it was time to dive right in to the wrapped stash awaiting their twenty, warm little fingers.

Stockings were handed out. M&M's were devoured. Mason was astonished that Santa knew he wanted a new slinky and even better, he brought an identical one for his toy snatching brother. Peace on Earth people. The best gift of 2010 - spinning toothbrushes and bubbles. Looks like Mr. and Mrs. Clause could have saved themselves a lot of time and money.

As usual, the frenzy and high level of enthusiasm didn't even faze Max. But the cookies Santa left behind, oh those deserved loving. Thrilled that breakfast was not only M&M's, but sugar cookies TOO! It was almost like waking up to a white Christmas. Merry Christmas Maximo.

Slowly, the mound of not so perfectly wrapped presents shrunk. Each box revealed a fun new something. A new toy, a box of chalk, a fun board game - "oh mommy I am so proud of Santa for bringing me this. I dreamed of it all night long" was a phrase repeated after each gift. Among the favorites were a toy vacuum, new footie jammies, and some play doh. These kids are easy to please.

Can you see the joy in those sparkling eyes? The pure exhilaration in his face? So worth every minute of holiday frenzy to have this picture.

And it wouldn't be Christmas morning with out some warm coffee, a million pictures to sort through, wrapping paper for days, new, matching jammies and the brotherly choke hold in front of the tree.

The boys had quite a busy morning. Full of sugar. Full of excitement. Full of family, kisses, and loving. Full of North Pole charm. A magical morning indeed.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 rewind.

Another year flew past. Just like that we laughed through a 12 full months, worked hard and played even harder for 52 weeks, drank a warm cup of coffee for 365 mornings. Now it's done, the entire year is over. Here's a rewind of our awesome 2010.

January - We did a lot of outdoor adventures. The zoo, the park, the front yard even became a play
date. Outside was what made (and still makes) the boys happy. Sunshine and smiles.

February - Mason turned THREE. In dino-mite fashion. He bounced his little heart out, we ate delicious pizza and sang to the king of all things sprinkled. This was the month we said goodbye to our beloved pacifier. Yes, my child had his "mimi" until he was three. And truthfully, this good riddance was only brought on by our first trip to the dentist.


 March - We experienced our first Disney trip, the four of us! We made our way to Laguna beach and soaked up the sun, Max dined on some sand, and we left California a little happier than when we arrived. Mickey rocks, basically.

April - This month resulted in more park dates. It's basically the theme of my year. But April, was ALL about the golden egg. Not only did we hunt eggs on Easter morning, but we got to scavenge for eggs all month long, requested by none other than Mason.

May - One of my favorite months ever. Summer starts to play peek-a-boo with consistent sun, fresh tan lines and lots of swimming. Mother's day brunch was another hit, the boys rocked their fancy little get ups. And a miracle of all miracles, I have a picture of me with BOTH my children LOOKING at the camera. Happy May!

June - Our sweet baby turns ONE. His first year was a blur. Filled with fun, snuggles, robust cheeks to devour and not one single haircut. Mason selected his party theme - pirates. The party was a hit, for both the littles and the parents.We had a no kids trip to Vancouver that was a total blast and a much enjoyed weekend of relaxation. Mason learned to swim floatie free.

July - We made our yearly trip to the beach with tons of our cousins. So much fun. Smores and fireworks abound! We got a little {huge surprise}.... baby # 3 is on board!

August - And then, just like that August crept up on us and we were back to school. Mason rocked a new spiked 'do and daily routine was back in action. Back in the grind, it seemed like Fall, but still felt like Summer.

September- I can't remember a single detail about September. Well, besides my birthday and the extreme heat.

October - Mason's first official soccer game! The boys were ecstatic about Halloween. And they looked pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself. Our big ultrasound reveals baby number three is another sweet boy.

November - So much to be thankful for. Turkey on overload. A backyard mishap, resulting in our first broken bone (actually 2, Mase does it big). A neon green cast, a not so happy Mason.

December - And here it ends. Christmas was a delight. We are two thirds of the way to our new little man. Mason and Max act like full on siblings, with laughter and wrestling between the two daily. Mason's cast comes off - all healed up! Santa is shunned. I graduate {finally}. Celebrate good times.

Somewhere within our busy year, we all turned another year older, we all celebrated each other. We snuggled together. Mason learned to sleep in his own bed. So did Max. Max started walking and totally came in to his own little being. We are anxious yet, hesitant to move forward to a new year. 2011 is promising many changes and adjustments which I'm hopeful are as wonderful as 2010's.

So, there is our rewind. It's just at tiny glimpse back in to a year of us. Fun and chaotic. Accomplishments from all. One things for certain, it's was a year worth remembering. Cheers to 2011 & a Happy New Year.