Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 {Max}


Oh sweet boy. You turned two this morning. I can't even believe it happened so quickly. The minute your floppy little body landed on my chest when you were born, I knew one day you'd laugh and run. I knew one day you'd turn a year old. And then you'd be two. I knew it would happen. But as always the year flew by and it happened a little too quickly. Your cheeks have slimmed over the last few months, your face is fighting to look like a boy not a baby, but your hands and your delicious thighs are clinging to more familiar tunes of toddler hood. And for once, I'm not complaining about all things chubby. Last night I procrastinated laying you down, bedtime was nearly two hours late - I was trying to avoid the obvious. But the time kept ticking and morning came. And two, well two years old, still happened.

You're language is erupting. It seems like each day brings a new word. One of my favorite things about you is the way you talk, your lips are plump and simply adorable. The way you purse them together to make words melts me. We've been practicing Happy Birthday with you and now it's your favorite song. I'm pretty sure you think it's a game. Immediately following the last line of the chorus, you begin blowing. Imaginary candles? Sure why not after all it is your birthday.

The minute you wake up in the morning you are giggling. You clutch to your blanket and still suck your thumb, but the minute we arrive at the bottom of the stairs you start asking for breakfast. Your breakfast of choice - COOKIES. You love yogurt and cereal too. Most morning you lick your bowl dry. A foodie in the making.

You have a new found love for swimming. I guess that would come natural for a summer baby. Some mornings you get all excited and bring me your swimsuit and loudly repeat "mem-ming, mem-ming!" Luckily for you we do go swimming most everyday.

 You are spirited. Determined. Full of life. God forbid someone try and assist you in getting down from your chair or out of your car seat. The phrase of the month - "DIE DO". Obviously, you got the memo that two means independence. You are ready to move out and start  live on your own. Most days you refuse any sort of help, which leads to backward shoes and shorts, major bedhead and a face encrusted in donut icing.

You love splashing during bath time, snuggling during nap time, and laughing pretty much all the time. You have a special little spunk in your step that makes you all the more YOU.

I can't believe you've been here twenty four whole months, yet I can't remember life without you. Two years gone and many more to come. My birthday wish for you is lots more giggles, many more sleepy slumbers, heaps of sloppy kisses, hundreds more brotherly quarrels and most of all that you keep marching to the beat of your own drummer.

I love you more then I knew was possible. I love you with every ounce of my being and every beat of my heart. I love you to the moon and back. Always and forever.

 Happy second birthday baby boy!