Tuesday, August 31, 2010

favorites. edition 3.5

This month Mason turned three and a half. Half years aren't that big of a deal right? UNLESS YOU'RE THREE. Because then you totally have that one up on the kid at the playground who is just three, or three and one-quarter. Totally.

I did my bi-annual questionnaire on Mase man to see what his favorites where. These are all straight from the mouth of a 3.5 year old. No guessing from mama, all topics were asked and answered. Unedited and live.

  • Food: Cereal *
  • Animal: Dinosaur **
  • TV show: Wow Wow Wubzy, I really love that show mommy. Can I watch it right now?
  • Color: Green.
  • Toy: The computer. ***
  • Movie: Toy Story ****
  • Sport: Tennis. *****
  • Number: "Free, because I'm free mommy". Why naturally.
  • Snack: Crackers with cheese. I love cheese.
  • Fruit: Grapes.
  • Vegetable: Umm, I don't willy wike veg-ables. But maybe a tomato. ******
  • Friend: Hanna.
I threw in some gimmes for fun.
  1. "Who's your favorite Mommy?" His response was "You, because you are my only mommy, mommy". Got me there.
  2. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" First he said a fire ENGINE. That's right...not a fireman. But with some coaching I'm writing a fireman.

*Cinnamon Toast Crunch to be specific.

**But only a T-Rex.

*** He is for real. This kid would play on nickjr.com for hours if we let him. It's a sick obsession, but sometimes it's the only way I can shower in peace.

**** He's lying, he doesn't love Toy Story - he does like it a lot, but no way would I say it's his fave. Okay, okay, right, this isn't about me. Apparently it's about buzz...and woody.


****** this is where I totally deny having any knowledge that a tomato might actually, really be a fruit. NONSENSE. Because then, I'd have to admit taht my kid doesn't eat ANY veg-ables.

And that will be my last post for August, glad I made it. Because in September he's 3 and 7/12ths ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010

back to school & a heartbreak.

It's been a week since we started back to school. Mason really loves school - he is a curious kid by nature and always wants plans. I can pack a day full of activities and the second we are done and have some down time its full of "Mommy what are we doing next" and "After we color/swim/run in circles for 15 hours, then what are we going to do" questioning. We are going to CHILL OUT and do nothing, imagine that. Needless to say, school is a nice break for all of us.

This year he moved up to the Older 3's class. He also goes three days instead of just two. His teachers are super sweet and both are bilingual, we've been promised bilingual preschoolers by May. We are pretty excited about this Fall. Mason has a handful of super cute 3.5 year old friends from his class last year which has taken the edge off of a bigger classroom with more structure.
Last year was all play, this year is a lot of play but a little educational structure with some curriculum involved. He already knows his letters which is one of the things they are focusing on this month, but he likes to have a head start.
This first week of school Mason encountered his first heartbreak and it was so pitiful for me to watch. Mason has had this little girl Hanna in his class since they were 19 month old's. They were always inseparable, he would gladly play kitchen with her for hours and she would chase him on the playground. The teachers often used to tell us how adorable they were together and sometimes in the hall they'd catch them holding hands. Serious love people. Well, Thursday the director informed us that Hanna moved - all the way to Boston!! Mason was pretty down in the dumps.
I tried to heal all his heartbreak wounds with a date, just mama and Mason - well and some spaghetti and meatballs. I think it work. Michael mentioned getting a six pack and having the talk. Instead we settled for Bluebell and dinosaur shaped sprinkles. He was back at school today with a smile on his face and a reassurance that "all his other friends would still be there". I guess his gloomy week is over. He moves on quickly - but it was definitely his first little heartbreak and watching his heart break, broke mine.

Disclaimer: Against the wishes of a very cute 3.5 year old, the very Incredible Hulk will not be attending preschool this year.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary this year. I can't believe I didn't mention it. We've had a busy year together and it's been a total blast. We stuck to and old favorite for dinner, PF Changs. We ordered way too much food and talked just the two of us all night (well ok, for a few hours) with no crayons and no sippy cup throwing. It was such a treat.

After our dinner date we strolled through Target for some things we needed - like toilet paper, how romantic right? Well who can go in to Target for ONE item and not come out with more than just a single thing? Clearly I cannot. I should not be trusted in a Target. We ended up getting a bunch of random things, like bins for too small clothes for the kids, a couple shirts, jammies for Mason, I'm not even sure how we racked up nearly $200, but we did. Happy Anniversary to us.
I could and probably should write a lovely letter to my hubby. He really is the best. He'll give me the last nacho on his plate or let me watch Juno instead of pre-season football. Watching him play with the boys makes my heart melt like butter in the microwave. He works hard so I can stay at home and revel in my boys toddler hood. He encourages me to find a career that I love. He'll make a late night run for a Powerade, redbox or even a DQ Blizzard if need be. He doesn't hog the covers and he's the only person over 36" I will snuggle. He can built back a Hot Wheel Track or a demolished train table set up in under 2 minutes. He lets me be right when we all know I'm wrong. He remembers to sneak in kisses when I'm grouchy and will occassionally surprise swiffer the floors. He's my better half. He's a catch.

See? I love you honey.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

more mason-isms,

Summer means a lot of things. One thing it's meant this summer is eating out. In January I vowed to cook more meals at home for the four of us. Between morning sickness (which is a new world for me and not fun in the least) and the heat and the busy schedules and Michael being in and out of town, we've resorted to some quick pick ups. Chic Fil A might be our favorite. The nuggets are delicious, a lot of nights they do the kids eat free, and of course there is a playground. I have only a few choices on where to eat out - they all have a play scape, sandbox or huge field for kids to run wild in. Trust me other wise it's not pretty.

  • Mason: "Mommy I love when we eat here."
  • Me: "It is really yummy and fun, huh? I think Max loves it too" (Max scarfing down nuggets and soft serve shrieking in joy while clapping)
  • Mason: "He does love it. We both do. We think you are the best cook ever when you cook us Chic Fil A".
Well I suppose once again my cooking skills are outed. Mason's favorite meals I make him are Chic Fil A and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Awesome. I suppose I need to up my game in the kitchen this Fall.

Masonism 2 took place at a hair salon. Mason's hair grows so quick. It's super cute and shaggy, but it's as straight as a board. Which leads to bangs in his eyes and sometimes a scraggly little mullet-ish 'do. We had his bangs trimmed just so he wasn't complaining in the pool. It turned in to a funky bowl cut. I sported the bowl cut all through elementary school and promised myself I'd never allow my children that hair cut. Ever. So we went to have it shortened up for back to school. I told the lady I really wanted it short but just not buzzed. She didn't take out her clippers and spent an eternity trimming it with scissors. Thirty minutes (and 4 dum dums later) it looked the same, but just a shorter bowl. We compromised, she busted out some clippers and he got a short hairdo. He was closely examining his cut from his McQueen car chair. He looked kind of perplexed.

  • Mason: "Ummm, I think maybe we should fix the top with some spikes on it, mmkay?"
  • Salon Lady: A little confused. "Umm if that's okay with your mommy?"
  • Mason: "My mommy loves spikes. It's okay. Let's do it"

Well, we totally DID it. Spikes is back. And he loves his spikes. He won't let me turn the car A/C on because "It will make my spikes flat". Umm, it's August and 100 degrees Mason, I don't think your spikes will mind.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dearest August.

Dear August,

I don't really know how to say this, but this isn't really working out. At all. The heat, the humidity, the pool's being warm and not refreshing. It's not you - it's me. It's all of us. We are exhausted. Summer's been a total blast. But this is us waving our white flag. Summer, we surrender. We quit. We are so done. So over it. Don't take it personally, we'll call you next February when it's raining and cold and we are ready for some HEAT. But for now we're breaking up. Totally admitting defeat. We're exhausted and again DONE.


Your flakey summer faithfuls.