Thursday, October 29, 2009

a year ago today.

i took a test.and well, i'd say i aced it.
i honestly can't believe it's been an entire year since that early morning news! i was so excited and kept looking at the test (all 3 of them). turns out i wasn't seeing things, apparently those 2 pinks lines were real, so real that they went and turned in to a perfect, precious baby boy named max.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

run mama. RUN.

i have been half ass training for a half marathon. well i finally just bit the bullet and signed up for the race. nov 15th i'll be there with all the other crazies who think running 13.1 miles is fun. i'm not denying the fact that i may have to walk some of it...hopefully not much. but i will finish that bad boy. so cheers to 13.1!

it's beginning to look a lot like..

halloween. duh. the best holiday on the map. or calendar i suppose. in fact, if i was mayan or whatever, i would've put halloween every month. atleast once. dressing up is fun. candy is more fun. and on halloween i'll say it's funner. because it's halloween. and it's my blog. and i can. halloween is funner than christmas. speaking of christmas, way to jump the gun's not even november. who needs the premature anxiety attack about relative gift shopping? not me. thanks. midterms were enough.
halloween. halloween. halloween.
treats. treats. treats.costumes. costumes. costumes.
spooks. creepy crawlies. bats.

Get ready people. Stock your candy bowls and decorate for the excited trick or treaters.
It's almost Halloweenie!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

carseat hate.

max hates his carseat. majorly loathes it. if he isn't already asleep before being put in to it, major shit fest. he isn't one of those babes that falls asleep in the car or that you can take in the car to soothe. TOTAL opposite. this creates quite a dilemma seeing how it is we are in the car A LOT. i feel so bad for big m because it stresses him out. who can blame him? i need a vodka iv drip just to get to the grocery store, which is not even .5 miles from our house, but i guess that's irrelevant since a.) it's illegal and b.) i never grocery shop w/ my kids. EVER. talk about needing vodka.

yesterday on our way to visit ita a damn light was out. the intersection had about thirty construction workers and cops trying to figure out the problem. all the while, NOT directing traffic. isn't that a cops favorite part of his job? standing in the street telling you noooo you can't drive or sure go ahead even though the light is red. so tell us what to do mr. cop man, do something, for the love of god. max was screaming the entire ride prior to the light fiasco and you better believe he screamed all 20 minutes of being idled at the light. oh please save us.

mason finally looked at me and said "mommy we GOTTA get another bebe, dis one cwies too much". which is ironic because in reality max never cries, unless were driving, which i guess contradicts my first statement, since we drive alot. am i confusing you yet?

i just laughed when big m suggested returning his brother for another baby. what else do you do? try and explain to a two year old that the hospital policy is "you birth 'em, you buy 'em". yes mason that means we cannot exchange max. we can not give him back. we're keeping him. kind of like i kept you no matter how many times you shrieked in the car. no matter how many times i tripped over a damn little people figurines in my rush to go pee. i kept you no matter how many cheerios you smooshed deep in to my juice stained carpet. someday he'll stop screaing in the car honey. someday i won't want to shove sharp pencils in to my ears just to drive down the street. today i may rather walk to the park or the grocery store or even to freakin' california. because our car rides are not fun. but we're keeping out baby. next time you request "another baby" it will be in the form of another sibling; not a different one-we'll still having the screamer. maybe 2?

xoxo she who would rather walk.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

better late than never.

max we finished your nursery! well sort of? kind of. okay whatever, your wall letters came in!
i even busted out my measuring tape. with mason's help and your father's annoying demands that 'it's better when you slant them so you don't have to measure them'. lazy bones daddy. thank goodness i'm a home depot queen. they're perfectly spaced. times three. and your lavish bachelor pad doesn't stop here! you have custom rocket bedding, ice blue walls, and red rocket decals. your outta this world baby face.SLEEP TIGHT MAXIMO.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

thursday's seven.

1. the abc's are now a lullaby
2. i can drink a red bull, even after 3 cups of coffee, and still feel tired at 8 pm
3. i haven't had said coffee, more than room temp in 2 years
4. reisling was on sale 2 for 12. i spent 12 dollars and am waiting to pick a date for mommy's night in.
5. my mother in law is kick ass. i'm the proud new owner of a nikon d50. picture overloads comin' soon!
6. exactly 27 push ups will make you sore for exactly 10 days. ouch.
7. i like odd numbers and that's why i stopped at seven, not six. i couldn't think of eight.

alas, life is good!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

late but still cute.

chief mason.
the cheesiest..but cutest fireman i know.
dalmatian max.just chills
and gets super excited. not.they happen to be the best duo EVER!HAPPY PUMPKIN PATCH 2009 BABIES!

Monday, October 12, 2009

monday madness.

mondays are never fun. but they are even worse when it's chilly and drizzly and all you want to do is scoop up your bitty's in your cozy bed and watch monsters inc or some other animated wonder snacking on eggs benedict and sipping hot coffee all day. or lukewarm coffee and kettle corn would suffice.

instead reality ensued. but you better believe when i got home today i snuggled both bitty's and watched daddy m and big kid m play soccer in the street, while occassionaly listening to baby m take the deepest breath in the deepest sleep. it was like disneyland at christmastime, total magic.

then i got bit by 100 mosquitoes. did some laundry and put the littlest bitty to bed. reality. not so bad for a monday afterall.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

rain drops..

..keep fallin' on your head!But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm freeNothin's worryin' meok it didn't rain from like march to mid september. so october is making up for lost time. it's rained nearly every other day. luckily we recently ordered you some rainboots. they are now a new favorite wardrobe piece. you also let me know every morning, even when it's not raining, "i need my 'brella be-coz it's waining". so we are making due by playing in the puddles.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

lashes, dimples, cheeks, oh my.

there are a few features that everyone notices about the boys. mason's got the lashes every girl wants.max has these sweet dimples on BOTH sides when he cracks a smile.
they both got mama's chipmunk cheeks. although, max is still a baby so his happen to be bigger. i'm actually fairly certain max is storing food for next winter.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

egocentrism at it's finest.

i'm taking a course on child development and we just learned about toddler's egocentric way of thinking. meaning to be concerned with oneself over all other things; that ones thoughts are highly valued overs. *lightbulb going off* oh my goodness it's mason!! i realize your two, i really do, and god love ya but there ARE other people in the world cute stuff. most sentences you form are about you, your own feelings, what YOU would like to do today, what YOU would NOT like to do today and such on. in your brain the world revolves around YOU. and why shouldn't it? you are fabulous enough to have a planet of your own, a whole world of mason, all about, wait for it....why you, naturally.
i once read these funny toddler rules. they remind me a lot of where we are right now.
  1. if i like it, it's mine.
  2. if i can take it from you, it's mine.
  3. if i had it five minutes ago, it's mine.
  4. if it looks like mine, it's mine.
  5. if i want it, it's mine. right now it's mine.
now not only do i have the luxury of an independant, egocentric, "i-do-it-all-by-MEself" toddler. i have a toddler who has no patience. zip. zilch. ZERO. which is okay, because i am twenty three and never learned that virtue. who needs patience? give it to me, right now.
i have to say you do share on occasion, you are a sweet little boy who occasionally cares about other people. like sometimes you hug your toys or say thank you, but then five minutes don't give a damn when i am ready and would like you to get your shoes so that we can leave. or how about when i would like to drink a hot cup of coffee? who YOU? no no, ME mommy. it's okay because to me you are the center of the world. i am egocentric about you. and look around people, he's perfect...why wouldn't i be?

dream baby.

round one. had a good kid. easy baby. slept well. didn't cry much. so did it again. but wow.
round two. DREAM baby! max is totally the type of kid people have and then procreate in MASS quantities. like i swear the duggars first child had to have been like max. he's cuddly, cute, and always laughing. like you can look at him and he starts smiling and doing a baby belly laugh. DREAM.he also puts himself to bed. every parent wants a good sleeper, i don't care what lies they are telling you. it's not fun waking up at ugly hours of the night to feed a baby. even when they are gazing sweetly in to your eyes, it's not fun. cute maybe, fun, no. and it is definitely not functional for the next day of chasing around a two year old. so sleep max=DREAM.
really he's just a super easy going infant. if i was unsure about another baby someday, he made me sure that i am not done. maybe i'm crazy, but i am definitely delusional that i will ever get a baby that is as dreamy as him again. but that's okay, because i consider myself lucky for this dream come true.

Monday, October 5, 2009

happy meals.

in order for me to write this post, i must first disclose how often you eat mcdonalds. ok, it's really not that often. and they have apple slices and milk and stuff nowadays, totally healthy, not that you drink milk ever, or comply to apples at mcd's, but you get it.

anyway, that's all besides the point. every time we're en route from one location to the next during lunch, we rely on ronald for nutrition (said loosely). you love happy meals. the minute i mention mcdonalds, it's "i want a cheese burber and a toooy!". not only does mickey d's make us fat, it spoils our children. excellent. you know those toys are not even great mason. i really don't get the excitement it's a cheap plastic hotwheel, crazy talking penguin or something ridiculous. but you absolutely love it. in fact it's the highlight of your day when we get one. you talk about the toy for hours and eat your happy meal like you haven't been fed in months.

i got to thinking. i wish i was so easily amused and excited by a cheap toy. a lousy happy meal. then i realized. i have something that makes my day just like your mcdonalds. i have you. i have max. you guys are totally the prize inside my happy meal. the minute i wake up in the mornings and see you guys smile, i'm sold, my day is infinitely better, just like that. it's like how your eyes light up when you see the golden arches. my eyes light up and my heart melts when i see you boys. you are totally my happy meals.

Friday, October 2, 2009

it's following me.

the other night we were driving home when it was dark out. we kept looking for stars and counting them. then mason innocently looked at me and happily professed "mommy that moon follows me everywhere". i just smiled back, thinking, he really does think everything revolves around him. i won't dare burst your bubble and tell you the moon follows me too, mase, because your right, the moon does follow you, even when you sleep.
the moon will always follow you boys because your the brightest little stars in my sky.