Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say what???

This is really a just for mama post. After all the whole purpose of the blog is to remember these bitties in all their glory. Things were hearing a lot of in this house.


Max does this crazy like "HUH"? I need to capture it on film. He says it about 50 times a day an hour. No matter how many times we repeat ourselves to clarify what we are trying to tell him we get the same response. HUH? Its high pitched and hilarious.

At any given moment, Max might bust in to song as well. His song of choice - Happy Birthday. Except it sounds a lot more like appy bow-doe. The words are a little unclear, but the tune is perfection. He hums it, just right.

I was sure, absolutely, that one of Max's first words would be Mason. Or some cute variation of his brother's name. He admires all things Mason, yet two years in he refuses to attempt to say his name. He calls him brother, except it sounds nothing really like brother - more like baby. "bay bay". But it is for sure what he calls Mason, no doubt.

And in classic two year old fashion were hearing a whole 'lotta NO and whole more "I DO" (die do). You do it baby, you do it.

Mason has this weird obsession (lately) with the middle. Not just any middle, but every middle, and "the really middle" . Yeah don't ask, I don't know. Generally he is really gentle with his new baby brother and looks out for Max when were out and about, but he is not above pushing either, or both, brothers out of the way to make sure he is snuggled in the middle. Natrually, the middle IS the best. We can thank Oreo cookies for that phenomenon. I'm not really sure when it started or better yet why it started, but it is big news around here.

And like all children, it's also big news about "who has the most" and "what's cooler" and "whose is better". This usually ALWAYS happens throughout our day. I especially love when he throws me a curveball toughie. "Mommy, what's cooler: staying home and taking a nap (because he's smart, he knows this is Max's afternoon destiny) or going to the movies with my cousins and Grandpa?" See, toughie. Like, hmmm, let me think for oh, five seconds. I'm just thankful (that for now) Max can't sense the gloating and sarcasm that this pint sized four year old exudes. And ak-shully (as Mason says it) I think I'll vote for a nap. Because that'd be awesome in the next century guys.

Say what? That's what (is being said in these parts).

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 4th.

I love the holidays. My family makes the holidays that much more incredible. Having kids makes it infinitely more exciting. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that like forty times on this very blog, but I'm laying it out there once again.

As most of our summer, we spent this holiday lakeside. We attempted to withstand the heat by consuming fried food and margaritas. Surprisingly, it worked. The firework show didn't start until about 9:30, which was approximately three hours past bedtime. Which was a joy for us all.

It was totally worth it.

Alexander even watched, then fell fast asleep, even amongst the craziness. I thought the loud noise may bother him. Then I remembered that he lives with Mason. And Max. So, basically the fireworks were like a lullaby. That's right, the baby-whom-never-sleeps, slept through fireworks. Ironic.

And what is a summer holiday without some soft serve? Seriously.

I can't wait for many more Fourth's spent up at the lake. Devouring ice cream and staying up way past bedtime. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about the memories we are making.

A year ago.

A year ago today, I found out that our sweet Alexander was on his way. It went so fast, but yet it seems like last July was an eternity ago. I remember thinking it'd be forever until March would come (I wasn't totally sure I was due in March but knew the ballpark time frame). March has come and gone. And Mr. AQ is here. He fits in to our family so perfectly. His sweet smiles and enthusiastic babbling melts me. It was only a year ago that the notion of a new baby had been introduced and it seemed impossible, unfathomable and far, far away, but I already cannot imagine my life and our family without him in it.

Alexander you are hands down the best surprise I've ever received. Normally, I don't even like surprises. But oh little baby I love you to the moon and back.