Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You were my high.

Twenty twelve.

It's here!! As most people, I tend to reflect on the year that just passed by (in a hurry as usual). People sometimes do a look back through the year. You can reflect on the dark days you had, the best moments, the vacations, the sleepless nights, all the belly laughs. Your high, your low. I've tried to remember the sweetest moments from our year. Sweet, sugary, candy-coated moments frozen in our minds for safe keeping.

I debated writing a post of a little yearly recap, it's been quite a year. I considered looking back at each month and reminiscing, perhaps even breaking it down in to our high and our low.  I decided against that. I am sure there were many highs. And lots of lows. All worthy of being mentioned and remembered. I am not forgetting them, but I'm choosing to relish in the high. Treasuring the how rich our life was this year.

It's probably obvious to anyone who knows our family or has been apart of our lives the past year, but he was my high.

I vividly remember New Year's Eve of 2010. Really, the last few months of 2010. I was hoping and wishing it was 2011. Because I knew he was coming. I could cradle his floppy newborn body and swoop him up to smell his forehead. As always, it would be surreal. Yet, awesome. This time it'd exactly the same, but it would be different. Now we'd be complete (FOR SURE...probably...maybe...for now).

Oh Alexander. You were my high. The highest high of 2011.

You came to us early in the year and nothing has been the same since.

There is more love. I'm not sure if you brought joy with you. But this year there was more. More joy. And the giggles, not sure either, but we all laughed lots this year. More laughter. Among other awesome things you brought with you serenity, sleepless nights, chubby rolls that conceal your wrists, chocolate eyes, and happiness. You're the high. The happy.  My happy.

More dimples to admire, more toes to nibble. Another baby to the mix. Lots of babies in our house. MORE BABIES.

In a weird twist there was more patience and yet none at all. We learned to be a team. A unit.

One could argue that we are getting pretty good at this whole zone defense technique with you and your brothers. Some days. And some days we should probably just go to bed and start over.

It's pretty amazing that someone so little (who are we kidding, you are HUGE) could teach so much (to those of us who already know EVERYTHING ;) Ha!). IN JUST ONE YEAR.

It's obvious.
Clear as day.
Undeniable, unmistakeable.

You were the high.
My high. Our high.
Our happy. My happy.