Monday, February 21, 2011

rodeo and bday party.

Last weekend, before sick-fest 2011 struck us, we were super busy. We went to the rodeo, which Mason insists is really "the radio". The main attraction....pig races. And a turkey leg. Mason and Max's favorite parts, respectively speaking. Of course, Max's favorite part was the turkey leg. We almost tried the chicken fried BACON. But we resisted the urge. Mason would live on bacon if we let him, I'm afraid if I let him taste it fried, we'd never hear the end of it.

We pigged out on Frito pies, homemade kettle corn, and snow cones! Delicious treats all around. The boys wore fun cowboy hats, but stood out like sore thumbs. We are not country folk, yo.

The weather was gorgeous. Mason rode his first pony! Well I think it was his first pony ride. If not it's at least the first documented ride, therefore, I can claim it as his first. We passed on letting Max ride it, even though he really loves horses. Second to elephants (and maybe dogs) it's his favorite animal. It's my favorite animal noise he makes too, the way he smacks his little tongue against the roof of his mouth and shakes his head - perfection. So he did what little brothers do,  watched jealously. GIDDY UP.

His party was total insanity. He loved every minute of it. I'm not sure when this little man got so many friends - but there were babies, toddlers, preschoolers GALORE. Jumping, running, screaming, hyper as can be through the entire two hour party. We sent everyone home with some of the birthday boys favorite goodies
, gummy worms and bubbles! I mean who are we kidding, those are some of everyone's faves, right??

He really wanted a monster party and I thought the theme would be precious and an easy task to tackle. It proved semi difficult, but we had fun little cupcake toppers, an awesome cake courtesy of Ita, the cutest shirts EVER and a monster of a time. Okay, that was incredibly cheesy.

The party and the rodeo were some highlights of February. But beware because next year, I might sneak some fried bacon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



   Oh my sweet little Mase. Today you turn four years old. Your face has said it's goodbyes to any hint of baby. All things toddler are out the window. Your voice holds on tightly to its raspy edge, but maybe that's got nothing to do with your age, maybe that's just you. That you you are is so wonderful too.

You are still full of spunk, liveliness, yet you've yet to outgrow your timidness. When I was little I was shy too and I still am, you get that from me. You get lots of qualities from me. And from your dad. But I think we get the best things from YOU. You've given us a lifetime of joy in just four years. My stomach hurts almost daily from laughing so hard at your wit. Your curiosity and cleverness amaze me. Your smile melts my whole world. Your hands still feel as soft as they did when I touched them for the first time. Your cheeks do too, but each year a little bit of their chubbiness has disappeared. This year it's all gone. Those once chubby cheeks are now slender and chiseled, the face of a boy. A happy, charismatic, lovely little boy.

You might be four and the biggest brother we have, but you still love a sweet kiss to your forehead. Yes, you're growing up and sleeping all alone in a big boy bed, but you would trade it for cuddling between my arms any night of the week. You can swing from monkey bar to monkey bar and scale up any playground structure with ease, but you still enjoy a bubble bath. I'm trying to breathe you in and enjoy every tender moment you give me - each kiss you don't make me steal, each hug you generously give, each cry for Mommy, each moment your hand slips in to mine. Because I know that any day now you may think your too big for those things. I love your innocence. I love your youthfulness. I love all the moments you give that acknowledge your growing, but not fully grown.

Four years really isn't a long time you know? It goes by just like the snap of two fingers. But four years is enough time to have totally won me over. You are mine, I am yours, forever.

I hope your birthday is filled with laughter and bliss. I hope your day is magical and charming.  I hope that your whole year brings you the comfort, joy and satisfaction you bring me every minute of everyday. I hope you stay as sweet as that donut you ate for breakfast. But most of all, I hope that you stay, wonderful you.

Happy birthday baby boy.

Loving you more than a million sprinkles,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

snow day!

Okay, okay, I know the amount of snow we had is laughable. But in Texas, any snow is exciting. It wasn't even half and inch and there was barely enough to scoop and pound together for snowballs...we still had fun.

The night before it "snowed" the weather channel was all in a frenzy that it may really snow. I didn't believe it and figured we'd get some icicles if that. But I did mention to Mason that his school might be canceled and when he woke up there might be snow. "Might be" is basically a code for saying ITS GOING TO SNOW. LOTS AND LOTS OF SNOW (you know when your almost 4). Good thing mother nature delivered - because he was oh so splendidly delighted to wake up to a little frosting on his grass!

Mason has basically no snow gear. So we layered him in about fifteen thermal style long sleeve tees and put him in the only water proof jacket he owned - it happened to be a Gap windbreaker that is probably more suitable for a breezy night at the coast. Oh well, it worked! And this kid LOVES HIM SOME GLOVES. He calls them all mittens and he'd wear them in the summertime if we let him. Rain boots totally double for snow boots, right? It's all about making it work.

Not only do we not have snow clothes, we have no sleds. Obviously. So the next best thing was a skin board. Mason "snow surfed" a whooping one time. His butt and the pavement became quick friends and that was that. I happened to catch the action shot, only to start laughing hysterically .5 seconds later. I'm a mean mom, I know. It really was kind of funny. And ridiculous that we were skin boarding on snow. That's like asking for another broken bone.

Mason and Michael stayed outside playing a little longer. I quickly ran back inside to my bed and cozied up. I captured the memories, no need to stand around like a fool under dressed. Max slept through it all. I think he would've gladly snuggled mama instead in exchange for frozen hands. Unless it snows again this year, we'll never know!