Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 4th.

No surprise here but I love holidays.
And fireworks? Swoon. A magical kaleidoscope of colors exploding in the sky. What's not to love?
Again, no surprise here but summertime is my favorite season of all.

Ahhhh. Sweet, sweet summertime.
The lake, sunshine, sticky icecream hand holding, a good glass of Sangria.
And every now and then I can enjoy a lively parade. Combine them all and what do you get? The fourth of July. Which incidentally makes this one of my most favorite holidays of all time.

We started our 4th this year torturing our children by spray painting their hair red, white & blue.
Patriotism people. This required some bribery on Mason's part. Some alligator baby wrangling of Alexander. And Max? He was all for it. Totally stoked and ready.

Memo to self: Coloring hair doesn't work very well when 2/3 of the heads you are spraying are covered in BLACK HAIR. A for effort? 

Then we headed to the parade. They let pretty much anyone participate. Mason is finally old enough to ride his scooter in it. Which was a nice break from hauling three peanuts in a wagon.

After we cooled down with some ice pops. And Max ditched his shirt. Per usual.

We headed up to the lake. Then stayed through Sunday. It was our very own mini vacation of sunshine, swimming and boating.

Mason is a big fan of the tube these days. He spent a lot of his week doing this.

We grilled.
We spent about ten hours a day outside. 
And watched fireworks all night.
AQ was not a fan.
And I have practically no pictures to prove any of the above.

We have had about 48 hours recovering and we are beach bound tomorrow!!
Dang, I love summer. A lot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5, 3, 1. Favorites edition.


He's five.
Going on 16.
And think he is way to cool for my camera apparently.

He's three.
Just barely.
But every ounce of his body is three. If you've ever had a three year old, you know what I mean. On that note - is it 5:00 yet? 

And this little man.
He is one. And almost a half.
One and here in all his hammed up glory.
And apparently doesn't mind the camera all up in his mug. Yet.

These happen to be theirs.
They happen to be mine.
My favorites. All three.

I'm one lucky lady.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Crocs. Cubed.

I've shamefully succumbed to allowing my children to pick out their own clothes. I have admitted previously before that I let my children wear Crocs beyond my not-so-loving approval of them. Sigh.

And for someone who HATES Crocs. Dang, that's a lot of 'em. 

Their presence is welcomed though because it's a sure sign that summer is in full effect.
Yes siree, indeed.

Happy July peeps!