Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Happy September!
School has started back. I know, it was like, totally, JUST SUMMER.

But just like that the season changes.

We are all back in the groove here. The nice change of structure and routine has hit and we've all adjusted wonderfully. Early bedtimes and crisp little uniform tees. Full backpacks by the front door.
I love September. It easily battles May as my favorite month.

This happened.

And no one even asked if I was okay with it.
Growing up without my permission? Who does this kid think he is?
A handsome kindergartner I suppose.
He is. Handsome that is.

At least he is my very own handsome kindergartner.

For a few days, it was just me and these guys.

Missing our biggest man.

Mason is loving school. I knew he would. He is just such a little rule follower. Major Type A kind of dude. I'm so glad he is enjoying the school year thus far. I know it's only been a week, but I think his enthusiasm will keep up throughout the year. His teachers are amazingly sweet. They seem to have oodles of patience, and lots of fun things in store for the year. I can't wait to see how much he grows and learns.

And even though I miss him immensely. It's been nice to have some down time to snuggle these guys. It's a different season, a new chapter, and it's a change no doubt, but it's nice. We are all learning this new schedule. Most days the littles seem to enjoy their time as a duo & we kill lots of time playing outside.

And get giddy for 2:45 pickup.

Max also started preschool this August.
He isn't loving it quite as much. He's a little home body and just wants to hang with me.
How scrumptious is this little peanut?

I will admit I had full authority of dressing him and 99% of the time he wears superhero shirts and little tiny gym shorts with mismatched Crocs. But SWOON. Those saddle shoes and gingham shorts....be still my heart.

Then there is THIS MUNCHKIN.

Yes, he also started Mom's Day Out! I can't even believe it. Oh, he is just so freaking cute. I don't even care how biased I sound. He is the most delicious, gorgeous toddler ALIVE.
And those knee socks? SERIOUSLY... I know.

He's perfected the "CHEEEESE". Which is equal parts hilarious and adorable. I'll have to do a separate post on all those pictures though.

I still can't believe it's *already* Septemeber and that summer has ended.

Okay okay, I'll admit the start of a new school year is refreshing. It just comes with so much anticipation, excitement and newness. Now only if it came along with some relief from the 100 degrees days. DANG.
I mean it is September, when can we claim that its fall??

Happy fall (?) y'all.