Thursday, October 11, 2012


We've been busy lately.
So, so, so busy.

Max started soccer. There aren't many things cuter then watching a handful of three and four year olds swarm a soccer ball. Max mainly likes to come sit with us on the sidelines. His first game required some bribery to get him to get in there. He runs real fast, waves and smiles then comes back to us and snacks. After game snacks are the best part of sports in his mind. I mean, rightfully.

We knocked off one of the six weddings we are in/attending this year. I love wedding season! Max was the ring bearer. Baby tuxes are one big, crazy implosion of adorable.

Most days if we get to it quick enough - it's park weather! My kids LOVE THE PARK.

Almost as much as they love riding bikes.
But not nearly as much as I love early morning and late night coffee, while watching them cruise the streets.

We celebrated our family's only princess. Izzie turned 4! Complete with cousins and cake, a water slide bounce house and pure chaos.

We had a crawfish boil to continue celebrating my birthday. I'm 26, which I know is really young...right? But dang, it feels so much older than 25.

Mason loving Kindergarten. SO MUCH.

We indulged in a nice date night with some wine.
I know, I know, I hooked myself a catch, huh? ;)

We took one final lake trip.
And a final beach trip as well.
Fun, sun, family. All my favorite people together at my favorite places. A little lucky, a lot blessed. Thankful for all of it.
The weekends were both beyond delightful.

So yes, we've been busy.
Enjoying every minute of this hustling and bustling. Hoping to sit down and blog soon. And breathe.