Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014.


This year for the first year I could not convince my children to be a trio of themed characters. If you know me well, you know I slowly died inside. It was also the first year my children wouldn't decide on ANYTHING until October. Usually, we start  discussing costumes in June. And they are solidified by July and likely ordered by August. Not this year folks, because INDECISIVE. Except AQ. He was all "I am going to be the Joker from Batman, but not Batman, the BAD GUY with BLOODY LIPS!" Not creepy at all. He never wavered from this decision. I was SURE he would want to be Batman or you know a Ninja Turtle or something most three year olds want to be.

He's just extra awesome. My child who will not sit still for a meal, to have his nails cut, or for any extended period of time, sat quietly and still while I doctored his face up with paint. DEDICATION, folks. After finishinghis make-up the night of Halloween (we did multiple trial runs - every time he loved it) he ran to the full size mirror in my bathroom and came back with the BIGGEST, PROUDEST smile. He was beaming. "I look perfect, Mama." Well, duh.

Mason and Max were set on being hockey players. Mighty Duck players specifically. It was seriously impossible to find them jerseys. WHAT IS THIS 2014 OR SOMETHING? (1999 forever, or when did that movie even come out?) Luckily, you can custom order anything. And so the Bash Brothers came to life.

The night was perfect...filled with running down streets giggling. I'm kidding, ten houses in all three of my kids NEEDED to be carried, could no longer walk and had to pee. And I think everyone was DYING OF THIRST. Trick or treatin, man, it's tough work these days. We didn't last long, but I am fairly certain we have enough candy to stuff their stockings with. And that's all that really matters right?