Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st. patty's.

I had high hopes to perk up each holiday. You know like those moms who chew carrots up on Christmas Eve playing Rudolph or ringing in the New Year with the boys in 2010 banners and top hats. So far I've failed New Years and the most festive activity that took place for Valentine's day was letting Mason eat red and pink M&M's for breakfast. I'm clearly not doing so hot at making holiday's special or planning balanced breakfasts.

So today was St. Patrick's Day, I'm not Irish and I don't think I know anyone that is, but I wanted to go all out, because well it's the only holiday you don't have to celebrate.

I'd planned to dye our milk green and pretend leprechauns came and visited us overnight, but our milk went bad and I didn't have any food coloring. Fail.

Then I planned to get Shamrock headbands for the boys to wear to Little Gym. Fail. In my defense Max so would not have gone for that business. Mason probably would've protested it as well. But the one minute they would've worn them would've probably made for some pretty cute pictures.

Last resort was my brilliant idea to get McDonald's Shamrock shakes for Mason and I's dessert after the park. First of all, what better way to leave the park without a meltdown than McD's bribery. Nothing beats paying 99 cents for a cheap happy meal toy (that I probably have 3 of somewhere in my house) to get from point A to point B. Secondly, I've never tasted the Shamrock delight people rave over. And third, it'd be my St. Patty's holiday score. Before I pulled in to the golden arched euphoria, everyone had cried themselves to sleep. Fail.

I did manage to remember it was St. Patrick's Day as we were walking out the door and got the boys in green shirts. Thank goodness too, because apparently people don't mess around on St. Patty's day. I kid you not there was not one child (or parent for that matter) not sporting a shade of green. I felt a little morbid in my black Nike running shorts and black v-neck. Sue me, I am NOT festive (as noted in above holiday parenting failures). I mean the umbrella stroller I was pushing had some sage on it, that counts right? I mean it is the hottest new accessory in my closet, er, mom-mobile. Holiday fail 4.

Eh, at least Easter is soon. I have high hopes of bunny suits for my kids.

"Happy" St. Patrick's Day from the bash brothers.

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