Friday, March 5, 2010


Sometimes when it's really quiet in my car, I'm sure I forgot someone waiting by the door at home; sometimes I have to sneak a peak in the rear view mirror and make sure there are two car seats.

Sometimes I think 5:30 is a legitimate bedtime, for all of us.

Sometimes lucky charms is a completely nutritious breakfast. And lunch. And sometimes dinner.

Sometimes I drink two full cups of coffee and still need a Red Bull by 3 PM. Sometimes I have that Red Bull and am still in bed by 9:30, child willing.

Sometimes I have to quickly hop on YouTube to seek out wild animal sounds. Because sometimes I don't know what sounds a llama, goat or ostrich makes. Sometimes I don't know everything my toddler demands to know.

Sometimes I'm genuinely confused how there is still laundry to be started and dishes to be put away.

Sometimes I take the boys to the park because I want to go. Hey, you never outgrow the love of fresh air, sunshine and swings. Every now and then I go down the slide with one bitty or another, sometimes I even slide alone.

Sometimes I go for a run just so I can think about somethings besides a potty break, refilling someone's sippy cup or a lost puzzle piece. But sometimes I'm the lead member in the puzzle piece search party.

Sometimes I catch myself watching Dora the Explorer and repeating "activate!" and "hola mis amigos". Then I realize Mason has been at school at least an hour and Max is surely not interested. Sometimes I don't bother to change the channel.

Sometimes I promise myself that tomorrow will be the day that I throw out the twenty some odd toys no one plays with and organize the kitchen junk drawer, but usually snuggles and Legos get the better of me.

Sometimes we stay in our pajamas until it is time for a bubble bath and new set of sleepwear.

Sometimes I go crazy wondering how neither boy's entire wardrobe seems to own two articles of clothing that actually match.

Sometimes I wonder how it's possible that, between Mason, Max and I, we've gone through nine full outfit changes, before noon.

Sometimes I think about a lot. Sometimes I think about absolutely nothing. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed beyond belief. But when Friday comes, I look back at my sometimes hectic week and I'm always overwhelmed with love and joy for my sometimes wild but always worthwhile boys.

Sometimes I don't know what I did to deserve so much.

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