Thursday, November 1, 2012


 I used to lots of posts about what funny stuff Mason was saying. I called them Mason-isms. Have I ever done a Max-ism? I can't even remember. He is at that age now where he says the cutest little things. It makes it way way better that his voice is so deep and so high all at the same time. He speaks cave-toddler.

I'm going to try and combine all their funnies for one post every month.
Here goes the October 2012 edition.

1. Mason learned a lot about maps and location and continents and such this month at school. He was explaining to me that at the bottom of a map was a key to explain what was where on a map. I kept nodding and uh-huh'ing. Then he said and this right here is the directions. NORTH. EAST. SOUTH. WEST. Quickly he did a little sing songy "Never eat soggy waffles!" Mason you are so smart, my natural reply. Because, y'all he is. We were about to broach teh next topic of his day when Max chimed in loudly and forcefully from teh back seat - "NO!" Mason and I exchanged glances. Confused glances. No? Okay then Max. "No. MASE! NEVER EAT TOMATOES". And then we all laughed a lot.

2. Mason's school enforces "old fashioned values". Also known as MANNERS. We have always been pretty good about reminding him to say the basics you know, please, no thank you....and simple ones like that. The other day he wasn't feeling too hot, so he got to stay home with me. The littles were at preschool, so it was just us, hanging. We wanted to get out of the house so we ran by Target for a little we are leaving he opens the front door of our house and goes "Ladies first". It was equal parts adorable and shocking. I kind of just stood there wondering when he became such a MAN and soaking up his proud, cherub looking face. He was staring back, but not all lovingly like I was. More in WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GETTING ALL DOE EYED FOR MOM kind of way. He was like "Well, you *are* a lady...right?". Burn.

3. We painted pumpkins a couple weeks ago. It's an easy tradition to keep up with while their little. This year was Alexander's year to cover his face and body in paint rather then his pumpkin. While simultaneously eating it. Max kept scanning for me to intervene - I was coming to yank the paintbrush fear not. "Alexander YUCK we do not eat paint". As I'm walking off I hear Max whisper "Try blue and purple. Red is yucky". Welp, I tried.

4. Out to dinner and our server had her lip pierced. Max's eyes grew five times their normal size and he exclaimed, "PAPA HERS GOT A HOOK IN HER MOUTH. LIKE A FISH!" It took everything in me to not die of laughter right then and there.

5. Me: "Max I love you. So much".
    Max: "Yeah. I love your phone."

And they say chivalry is dead? HA.

6. Randoms. The way Max says "Why of course" whenever I ask him if he wants to do...well, anything.  Prim and proper around here folks. Why, of course :)

Those are the funnies I can remember. Next month I'm chronicling as I go.

I WILL NOT FORGET THE FUNNIES. Because in this house they are pretty much endless.

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